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    Cuplock System,
    that you need!
    Perfect modern Construction Equipment!
    Showcase your projects, jobs, employees and company
    beautifully on the web using the Shree Neelkanth Industries Theme. Its
    a versatile and professional solution for any small business.
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    Bracing Tubes,
    we work for your profit!
    We are proud to deliver immediate results through
    active skills, and real-world tasks that are instantly
    relevant to everyday business life development.
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    with Ladder!
    Strong & Sturdy!
    H - Frame are ideal as scaffolding for wall-plastering and
    support staging for centering of high slabs.
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    Wallform Panels,
    Centering Plates!
    for building strong barriers!
    Our Wallform system includes of plates fabricated
    from 45 x 45 x 5 mm slotted angle, holes at 50 mm c/c.
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    Sturdy Material Mover!
    A perfect combination of skilled workforce and advanced technology,
    These wheelbarrows are available in different
    specifications and models.

Leading Manufacturer and supplier of Modern Construction equipments

Specialized in FLOOR FORMING EQUIPMENTS. We have State-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility for all the products, using top quality raw materials,

Why Choose Shree Neelkanth products? We'll Tell You!

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Shree Neelkanth Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of FLOOR FORMING EQUIPMENTS, covering wide range of modern construction equipments like H-Frames with ladder, Wheelbarrows, Props, Spans, Cuplock System as per Indian Standard.

Clients Testimonials

  • What Our Customers Says:

    We are serious about quality first and fortunately we received better range of construction equipments from Shee Neelkanth Industries than we opted for. We are glad we are associated with Shree Neelkanth Industries for our future projects also.

    - Brijesh Shah, Evident Constructions
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Well being of our clients first!

We have always challenged our capabilities for our customer's need without compromising on quality....

We offer to our clients premium quality Scaffolding Systems. This range encompasses Scaffolding, Centering Sheets, Cuplock Systems and H Frames, each one manufactured from quality raw material in compliance with international quality standards. These products are widely appreciated for easy usage, optimum quality, durability, high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion & abrasion.

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